Common Questions About Painting Projects


Here’s a quick Q&A session with owner, Jonathan Robert to help address some of the most common questions from homeowners.

Q: What are the typical questions you hear from customers prior to starting a job?

A: Here are some of the questions I most frequently encounter:

When should I paint the exterior of my house, and how long will an exterior paint job last?

Typically a good paint job in Colorado will standard painting products last about eight years.  If a customer decides to upgrade to premium exterior paints, the longevity can be extended to between 12-15 years.  After that point, colors will start fading, and paint (especially on door frames and upper south facing peaks) on trim will begin peeling away.  The caulk between siding and trim boards will also start to crack which is another indication that your house is ready for painting.  So if your colors are fading, trim paint is peeling, and if it’s been eight years since your last paint job, it is time to protect the exterior of your house and avoid costly carpentry repairs!

I’m not sure about the colors I am picking for my house, and I’m really scared I will pick the wrong color! What should I do?

There is one simple solution to the color dilemma: Put up samples! A New View Painting offers three free samples to anyone who contracts the company.  I will help you look at colors and guide you through the process, but most importantly, we will see a large swatch of color on the wall or side of the home BEFORE we commit to buying all the paint.  It is very difficult for homeowners to accurately gauge how colors will look on the house when only viewing small samples that the paint company offers. To that end, I offer free samples that we can paint on a surface to get an accurate sense of what the color will truly look like.

In addition, my website includes a Paint Color Visualizer tool that is also helpful to customers, allowing them to upload photos of their homes, and then play around with different color schemes. While color renderings can be altered by a computer screen, and therefore not a perfect solution, it is a great tool to help get started selecting colors and considering a wide variety of options.

What do I need to do to prepare for painting?

For exterior painting, please remove anything that may be hanging on the house so that when we powerwash, we don’t damage any special objects. In addition, we need to move our ladders safely around your house, so trimming away bushes and trees that are too close to the house is important. We typically need about 2’ of space between plants and the house to work effectively.

For interior painting, I have developed a simple mantra: You manage the small and fragile items and remove them from the working area, and we will manage the large and heavier objects. Typically that means homeowners taking all artwork down, emptying any moveable furniture that stores fragile items, and disconnecting electronics so that they can be moved from the work areas. We will deal with the big couches, tables, and chairs. If you would like to keep pictures or artwork in the same location, simply leave the hanger in the wall, and we will paint over it (this way you don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out exactly where everything goes). If you wish to rearrange your artwork after the painting is complete, just remove the hanger, we will spackle the hole and paint over it.

How long is your warranty and what does it cover?

A New View Painting offers a 4 year warrant on all the work we do. That is “bumper to bumper coverage” on anything that might be defective during that time period. We will cover both paint materials and labor for any paint failure. A few exceptions to this warranty include the following: Extreme Weather-related events like hail storms that damage a coating are not covered. In addition, any deck walking surfaces and/or other floor coatings are not covered.

Are you licensed and insured? What happens if there is an accident on the job?

A New View Painting carries both Workers’ Compensation Insurance in the event that someone gets hurt while working on the job, and General Liability Insurance if something is broken or damaged as a direct result of working on the job. While Colorado does not offer licensing to painting contractors, we are registered with the Colorado Secretary of State as a business in good standing.

What made you want to start your own business?

I come from a family of business owners and teachers, so I think being an entreprenuer or educator is in my blood.  Of my four siblings, my brother owns his own optometry practice, my sister owns a law firm, another brother is an engineering consultant, and my dad, mom, sister, and I are educators.  We business owners seem to enjoy the independence that running a business offers, and the educators enjoys similar independence.  I also enjoy wearing the many hats of a typical small business owner – being involved in sales, estimating, customer relations, accounting, employee management, and marketing for my business. It keeps me busy and challenged.

What’s one of your biggest learning lessons as a business owner?

The biggest lesson I have learned lately is to have faith in trained and trusted employees who can do the job perfectly well without me hovering over their shoulder or me doing the work myself.  I will have been in the painting world for 36 years this coming summer.  I started painting during the summer when I was 14, and for the first 20 years of painting, I did nearly all the work myself.  As I got older and busier, however, I had to manage a transition to having the work done by employees.  I am fortunate to have found and kept some very talented and trustworthy employees who do excellent work that makes me proud.  While it was a bit scary letting go of being on every job site all the time, I am so glad that I have made the transition to manager of painting operations. I still know the quality is there, but I have realized that I am able to easily grow and improve my business without a paint brush in my hand.

Do you have any customer stories that you’d like to share?

When I was in college, I had to stain a deck for a church friend of my parents.  The stain was oil-based, sticky, and smelly, and this deck was HUGE.  The real kicker was staining the overhead trellis. Every time I raised my brush in the air to apply stain, the saturated stain brush produced a steady stream of stain that ran down my arm into my clothes and all over the place.  I spent three days staining this deck, and at one point I put on a rain coat to see if I could avoid the overhead shower of stain, but that didn’t work either.  I almost quit painting I was so tired of smelling and feeling that oil-based stain on my skin!  But I persevered, got the job done, and moved on.

What do you think distinguishes A New View Painting from other local painting contractors?

I have heard so many stories about shoddy painting companies that, on some level, I can easily distinguish myself from those poorly run companies by simply returning phone calls and emails, showing up when expected, and doing what I propose to do in my work contracts. Yet I have heard from many customers over the years that A New View Painting does more than simply “show up”. We really deliver a great customer experience from inception to completion of the paint job.  I think one of the most important parts of that customer experience is reliable communication between the customer and the business owner.  I put a lot of effort into ensuring that my customers know what is happening, when it is happening, and why it is happening.  I am available by phone, email, and return calls and emails promptly.